Jessica, hecha in the beautiful south side of Chicago, is a sassy and moody idealist making her way through the nonprofit world. She draws inspiration by unpacking social constructs and talking about emotions, a true Pisces. Find her by a natural body of water or indulging in unlimited mimosas by following her on Instagram and Twitter: @xingona_xxii



Patricia is a binge watcher, cinema lover, and a pop culture obsessed chica from the South Side of Chicago. Oh, and she's also a fiery Aries. She is a film school graduate hustling her way into the entertainment industry. Consuming media and calories is her favorite pastime. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @psquaredlens.

Photos by  Dakota Sillyman

Photos by Dakota Sillyman


Vanessa is a bruja born and raised in the south side of Chicago. She is a messy Virgo queen who finds comfort in dogs, astrology, and organization. She spends her time managing by day and living for the dramatics by night. Catch her on Instagram @vanessalvrz and on Twitter @southsidebruja.